Creative writing: Discover strategies and techniques in poetry, memoir and journaling.

The Color of Our Surroundings: An examination of color – its perception, creation psychology and use – through creation of work that will be incorporated into an artist book.

Ceramics: Create functional and decorative clay pieces through pinch, coil and slab handbuilding. Pieces will be glazed and fired.

Gift of Story:  Develop story telling, story writing and listening skills. Includes instruction and practice in story gathering around the community and developing a readers’ theater performance of stories.

Movement: Explore the elements of movement, dance vocabulary and technique and personal and group dance making.

Singing Strong: Be part of a chorus; practice vocal and breathing exercises, learn about music reading, and sing new and old songs.

Photographing Nature: Explore the image-making process and use photography to document your personal vision of the natural world.

Creating Comics: Learn the basics of visual storytelling and create comics that convey both narrative and perspective. Multiple extension ideas will be offered.

Painting: This course will focus on a specific medium chosen by participants.

Painting Nature in Plein Air: Learn about painting from nature – includes a field trip to the mountains.